“He is arguably the president’s most trusted adviser, and he is also a close member of the president’s family. His list of policy responsibilities is vast — his foreign policy portfolio alone includes Canada and Mexico, China, and peace in the Middle East — yet he rarely speaks publicly about any of them.” Jared Kushner just got one more item dropped into his expanding portfolio: He’s now a focus in the Russian investigation.

+ From Politico Magazine: Meet the real Jared Kushner. (He’s tougher than he looks.)

+ In more ordinary times, this might be the most shocking political lede of the year. In 2017, it probably doesn’t even win the week: “Republican Greg Gianforte won the special election for Montana’s lone congressional seat on Thursday despite an election eve misdemeanor assault charge for allegedly body-slamming a reporter.” (I prefer to think Gianforte just got sentenced to two years in the House of Representatives.)