“My older friends are opinionated, smart, culturally-aware, and incredibly open-minded. They share what another friend Gina Pell would say is a Perennial mindset.” NY Mag is the latest outlet to consider the powerful idea behind Perennials (grouping people by what they care about rather than their age): When Your Best Friend Is Younger Than Your Daughter.

+ And GQ’s Michael Paterniti on the greatest perennial of them all, Norman Lear: “So an old man — who is so old he was born before the television itself was even invented — walks into a studio with an old idea, rebooted to star a Cuban-American family, and does it yet again. Suddenly, he’s got a legit, goddamn 2017 sitcom hit on his hands. It makes him smile that bemused smile. It makes him get up in the morning to do yoga. He’s got a whole boxful of un-aired ideas and scripts in his office. He says he feels as if he’s just getting started.” (The other night, my eight year-old daughter asked if she could watch the new version of One Day at a Time even though it is rated PG-13. I said, “Of course, that’s Norman’s show.” Besides, she’s a perennial too…)