Troops have taken to the streets in the UK where the terror threat level is listed as critical. Authorities have arrested a fifth suspect in the Manchester concert bombing, and they continue to dig into what is being described as a network behind the attack. Here are the latest updates from The Guardian.

+ “They crave the distorted infamy they hope they will get after their death; they carefully prepare manifestos they hope will be published; they record videos they hope will be played on loop on cable TV.” From Zeynep Tufekci: ISIS has a strategy to create a media frenzy and news outlets are struggling to disrupt it. Related from Wired: Think before you tweet in the wake of an attack.

+ The New Yorker’s Robin Wright: Does the Manchester attack show the Islamic State’s strength or weakness?

+ The NYT with a piece that indicates the absolute horror at the scene and the strength of the human spirit (and maybe our need for stories like this at moments like these): They went to Manchester Arena as homeless men. They left as heroes.