Hilton’s Head

She “will release her 23rd perfume since 2004 — an estimated $2 billion business, according to Women’s Wear Daily. She’s also currently touring the world as a highly-paid DJ, taking up residence in Ibiza for her “Foam & Diamonds” night in the months of July and August. Her mother taught her to never talk money, but it’s been reported that Hilton makes approximately $347,000 an hour DJing, or around $1 million a night.” From W Magazine: Paris Hilton Invented Everything You’re Doing in 2017, and She Knows It. “If a beeper had a camera, I would have taken a selfie with it.”

+ “Those involved are perceived as having a personal — not merely professional — relationship with the thing they are selling. Which in turn means they bear some responsibility for it. There is a downside to the upside of being an influencer.” Vanessa Friedman in the NYT: The Rise and (Maybe) Fall of Influencers.

+ ESPN on How Lonzo and LaVar Ball figured out how to get — and keep — our attention. “You may not like me. You may think I’m cocky or arrogant. But you will be thinking about me.” To quote Anthony Hopkins’ character in Remains of the Day: “I am placing my thoughts elsewhere while you chatter away.”

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