Marathon Man

From WaPo: Science, Nike, and Eliud Kipchoge (not necessarily in that order) nearly pulled off a 2-hour marathon. I watched the run, and it was amazing to see Kipchoge’s remarkable grace as he essentially sprinted for just over two hours. It was also nice to see humans of different countries, cultures, and colors working together towards one goal. It’s better when only the clock is the enemy.

+ “Only from 35 kilometers did he slow, and then by 2 seconds per kilometer!” FiveThirtyEight: One Runner Came Tantalizingly Close To A 2-Hour Marathon.

+ Nike might have shown us the future of marathon racing. They definitely showed us the future of brand marketing. “In terms of planning, marketing and ambition, it’s easily comparable to 2012’s Red Bull Stratos … even if the feat is literally much closer to Earth.” Adweek with the Story Behind Nike’s Ambitious Effort.

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