What to Scale: “You know those binders that you put baseball cards in? We put credit cards in them. At this point, I have $25,000 of credit card debt. Joe has tens of thousand of dollars of credit card debt. So this is like make or break. We need a lifeline.” Whether you’re an entrepreneur or just someone who loves a great story, you’ll appreciate Reid Hoffman’s new podcast, Masters of Scale. In the first installment, Reid and Brian Chesky take us back to the earliest days of AirBNB.

+ What to Watch: This week, Prince Philip announced that he is standing down from many of his royal duties. That makes this as good a time as any to get started with The Crown on Netflix.

+ What to Read: “By any normal accounting, the chance of a Presidency ending ahead of schedule is remote. In two hundred and twenty-eight years, only one President has resigned; two have been impeached, though neither was ultimately removed from office; eight have died. But nothing about Trump is normal.” Evan Osnos piece in The New Yorker focuses on President Trump, but more broadly, it’s an interesting look at what recourse people have when they think their president is unfit. How Trump Could Get Fired. If you’re more in the mood for a listen than a read, Osnos was on Fresh Air with Terry Gross earlier this week.