“The Florida-based creator is not making a penny off her genius invention, even as global sales of the gadget she envisioned two decades ago as a way to entertain her seven-year-old daughter soar into the tens of millions and suppliers struggle to meet massive demand.” I wish she was making tens of millions so me and every other parent in my cohort could sue because our kids are driving us crazy with these things. From The Guardian: As fidget spinner craze sweeps globe, its inventor struggles to make ends meet.

+ When I was a kid, we didn’t need toys and screens to distract us. We had Wintergreen Lifesavers.

+ There are “more trekkers and tourists flying in by helicopter for day trips, and some even indulging in champagne breakfasts with a view.” Everest has a traffic problem.

+ With so many bad advertisements in the news, I figured you’d enjoy this most excellent one, written by my pal, Jeff O’Keefe. Apple Makes Shanghai’s Crowds Vanish in This Romantic Spot.