Anything But That

As one who finds and shares news on a daily basis, the most surprising aspect of the first hundred days of the he who shall not be named administration are the emails I get from people asking me why I’m covering him so much. Well, this is the biggest political story of our lifetimes, it’s the greatest show on earth (it’s no coincidence that Ringling and Barnum & Bailey announced they were shutting down — at this point, a circus is just too redundant), he’s president of the world’s most powerful nation, and most importantly, thanks to the obsessive coverage of this one topic, there’s really not that much other news out there. Seriously, when I reflect on my last hundred days as a news curator, I have to admit: this is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier. But you want any other news up top, and you’re not the only ones suffering from a hundred day case of mental fatigue. So let’s lead with the story that sits at the top of the NYT’s list of most emailed stories: There Is a Right Way to Wash Your Hair. (This whole effort has been superfluous. Even when you hear the word hair, you think of him…)

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