“‘I kind of pooh-poohed the experience stuff when I first got here,’ one White House official said of these early months. ‘But this shit is hard.'” Politico with an interesting overview of a highly interesting (and highly unusual) presidency: The education of Donald Trump.

+ In the first 100 days, many things have changed. For example, on Thursday, President Trump indicated that the US would not leave NAFTA. Meanwhile, some things have remained the same. He made the announcement via Twitter.

+ A remarkably small percentage of government jobs have been filled by the new administration. And, according to the NYT, Rex Tillerson is in no rush to fill nearly 200 State Department posts.

+ The Upshot: Winners and Losers in the Trump Tax Plan.

+ “He’s been able to accomplish that without any new legislation — and without many of his signature ideas solidly in place.” From NPR: In Trump’s First 100 Days, A Dramatic Reduction In Immigration.

+ One of the most consistent storylines of the first hundred days has been the examination of ties between Russians and Trump officials. And day 97 is no exception. From WaPo: Top Pentagon watchdog launches investigation into money that Michael Flynn received from foreign groups.

+ Slate: Who Had the Better First 100 Days? William Henry Harrison, who died on Day 31, or Donald Trump?