Engineers aren’t necessarily known for their sense of style. Yet, their algorithms could soon be telling you how to dress. The latest iteration of Amazon’s Alexa has a built-in camera and will happily assess the outfit you’ve chosen for the day (and there’s obviously nothing to worry about when it comes to putting a webcam in your dressing room). From Quartz: “If a computer tells you with 64% certainty that what you’re wearing isn’t your best, would you change? Would you maybe even buy new clothes?” Ironically, it doesn’t matter how you dress because you really haven’t left the house since Amazon launched.

+ We’ll have to see what Alexa thinks of these two new jeans: One pair that is clear, and one that comes pre-muddied.

+ “Political photos, even if they are far from naturalistic, must at least approximate war. That imperative challenges a basic rule of political optics: Don’t play dress-up.” Racked on a rare (yet somehow prominent) fashion conundrum: The Political Impossibility of What to Wear With Your Flak Jacket.