“It’s the start of a presidency like no other. We talked to historians, activists, and White House veterans to evaluate President Trump’s progress at his first major benchmark.” From NBC News: The First 100 Days.

+ “So how is Mr. Trump spending his final week before the artificial and ridiculous 100-day point of his presidency? With a flurry of action on health care, taxes and the border wall to show just how much he has done in the first 100 days — amplified by a White House program of first-100-days briefings, first-100-days receptions, a first-100-days website and a first-100-days rally.” From the NYT: Trump Wants It Known: Grading 100 Days Is ‘Ridiculous’ (but His Were the Best).

+ Given the context of the campaign, if there was going to be a trade war, one assumed it would be with China or Mexico. But it turns out, the first shot fired is at Canada. “Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announced a surprising 20% tariff on Canadian softwood lumber Monday night, along with individual tariffs on five specific Canadian lumber firms that ranged from 3% to 24%.”

+ “The tax plan will pay for itself with economic growth.” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin makes the case for a large corporate tax cut.

+ Any decision on the funding of the Wall could be put off until the Fall.