“This content is appropriate for people of all ages. And that’s the point. The days of targeting media and products at people based on their age is over.” That’s how my wife Gina Pell started her article Meet the Perennials. In short order, the article went viral, was translated into several languages, and was featured on CNN. Now marketing leaders like the excellent Goodby Silverstein and top brands like Hint Water are all getting on board. Check out the latest great piece on the topic from MSNBC: What is a perennial? Are you one?

+ While we’re on the topic of my perennially impressive wife, here she is reciting the first 314 digits of Pi in front of a large crowd in the desert — and in between tequila shots; a vision that will be forever etched into the mind of my eight year-old daughter (who barely noticed the F bombs).

+ With the help of Jeff Sessions, we all learned that Hawaii (in addition to being an island in the Pacific) is a full-fledged state. But it does have some disadvantages. Especially if you’re a competitive gamer, for whom a few milliseconds of lag can be digitally deadly.

+ Utah’s Jazz Bear is the mascot hero we need right now.