“It will set up a battle in May between two politicians with not only completely different visions for France but — more significantly — utterly different views of one of the biggest issues facing many voters in the West today: globalization.” From NPR: French Voters Shun Political Parties, Sending Emmanuel Macron, Marine Le Pen To Presidential Runoff.

+ “It is a new French revolution that leaves the center-right Republicans and the Socialist left on the sidelines.” From BBC: French election: Five things we have learned.

+ Bloomberg: Eight Maps That Explain France’s Macron-Le Pen Election.

+ “The situation is now so tense that they’re making an exception to the rules.” European leaders usually keep out of each other’s elections. But, as we’ve seen over the last couple of years, usually is out the window. From WaPo: After French vote, European leaders come out against Le Pen. But what if she wins?