“Now the big questions are how the exit will look and who will replace him.” According to NY Mag’s Gabriel Sherman (and others), Fox News decided Bill O’Reilly has to go. Interesting that a guy known for being a tough-guy TV personality is on vacation abroad as the heat is pointed in his direction. And as I type, the NYT confirms: O’Reilly is out. (Odd thought: O’Reilly replaces Spicer as Press Sec.)

+ “Halfway through the second official day of his 10-day civil custody trial, Alex Jones reclined in his chair and mopped sweat from his brow while watching a shirtless, pantsless version of himself hawk male vitality supplements on a courtroom television screen. It was hardly the most outlandish moment of the afternoon.” Buzzfeed’s Charlie Warzel: Alex Jones And The Dark New Media Are On Trial In Texas.