“In three years, Melania only posted one picture of herself and Trump. He dominates the frame; her face is in shadow and cropped out. It is both a selfie and an erasure, a depiction of her placement within their world.” I’m not sure if it’s necessarily evidence of any larger truth, but Kate Imbach takes a damn interesting and very in-depth look at the social media photographs of Melania Trump.

+ During the White House Easter festivities, Trump signed a kid’s hat (cute!). Then he threw it into the crowd (wait, what?).

+ Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer on SNL may have won the year in comedy.

+ He “talked radiation with a US government scientist, evolution with a Harvard researcher, and, most recently, genome-editing with MIT’s Kevin Esvelt. But ask him his favorite moment from the 28 episodes so far, and it has to be when he belched during a taping.” Stat on a 6-year-old’s science podcast.