We forget that the Russia election hacking story is a bipartisan issue. Buzzfeed’s Hayes Brown looks back at How Russia Hacked Obama’s Legacy. “When we rolled that out on Oct. 7, we thought this would get a huge amount of pickup and play and be a catalyzing moment for the country, when the United States government — the intelligence community and DHS — announced jointly that Russians were trying to hack our election … A colleague of mine at another department was on the phone with a reporter, who was asking him questions about the statement. My colleague then recalled hearing from the reporter, ‘Oh my god. I’ll have to call you back.'”

+ What news broke on the same day that Obama’s national security team released information about Russian hacking and caused that reporter to say, “Oh my god?” Hint: It was the day locker room talk became Oval Office talk. I recently wrote about this case of really bad news timing: The Day Pussy Won.