“The trick goes like this: It starts with a thick, milky O about a foot in diameter, expelled from the Vape God’s mouth. Then he blows a smaller, faster O no larger than an Entenmann’s doughnut through that, which unravels and envelops the original loop in a sheen of translucent smoke. But that’s not enough. This is a goddamn double lasso, so an even tinier smoke doughnut is threaded through the first two, which creates a resplendent Turducken of filthy-sweet dankness.” GQ: How the Internet Birthed a Young Vape God.

+ Vox: Leftovers fans already know the name Carrie Coon. Pretty soon everyone else will too. (She’s so awesome in The Leftovers which coming back for its final season. And she’s also in the upcoming season of Fargo…)

+ WaPo: What happens to political satire when the real world goes mad?

+ “How did an 8-year-old learn to drive?… YouTube videos.” An eight year-old boy drove his sister to McDonald’s for a cheeseburger. (My kids are about the same age, and if they promised not to fight during the drive, I’d hand them the keys right now…)