The Internet has become fixated on a video of a man “being pulled out of his seat and down the aisle of the plane by three security officers.” The issue? The flight was overbooked. (I was actually feeling pretty nostalgic as I watched Twitter return to its roots as a platform to complain about United.)

+ Consumerist: One family earned $11,000 by not flying Delta during delay-filled weekend. (United should beat the shit out of this family…)

+ Vox: A Kentucky coal museum is installing solar panels on its roof.

+ SNL: Thank you, Scott, for all your social media posts. (Classic…)

+ Passover starts tonight, so NextDraft will be functioning sans-bread for the next week. On the plus side, a couple years ago, notable Rabbis came together to announce that rice is kosher for Passover. And from NPR: Can The Bread Of Affliction Become A Snack Addiction? (That sounds like a contradiction though it’s not in my jurisdiction.)