“Justice Anthony Kennedy administered the judicial oath in the White House Rose Garden. It was the first time a sitting justice swore in a former clerk to join him as a colleague on the high court bench.” Neil Gorsuch has been officially sworn in as Supreme Court Justice. It’s been a long road to getting a ninth justice. But as the LA Times reports, Gorsuch’s impact on divided Supreme Court will begin immediately.

+ “Leo served, in effect, as Trump’s subcontractor on the selection of Gorsuch, who was confirmed by a vote of 54–45, last week, after Republicans changed the Senate rules to forbid the use of filibusters. Leo’s role in the nomination capped a period of extraordinary influence for him and for the Federalist Society.” Jeffrey Toobin introduces you to the man behind the pick, Leonard Leo. The selection of Neil Gorsuch is just his latest achievement.

+ “I’ve been on the cafeteria committee for six years. (Justice) Steve Breyer was on the cafeteria committee for 13 years.” One of the jobs of the newest Supreme Court justice starts in the kitchen.