“They could make me a cigarette salesman; the face of a nationwide campaign to maim all horses; the lead image in an article about premature ejaculation. Worse still, because I’d signed away the photos I wasn’t getting paid for any of it.” From Vice: Appearing in Stock Photos Was the Biggest Mistake of My Life.

+ In all the hubbub, you may have missed the news that a Britney Spears concert delayed an Israeli election. Oops, I Yid it Again. (OK, my mom might not like me using that word. But I’m about to be stuck eating Matzah for a week, so she’ll cut me some slack.)

+ “In Thailand, it’s common to believe in paranormal spirits.” And apparently, those spirits really like Strawberry Fanta.

+ The electric trains in New Zealand might be a little too quiet.

+ My five word acceptance speech: I’m Tired of the Winning… Vote for NextDraft for a People’s Choice Webby Award.