The Road to Perdition

“For the authorities, one of the most confounding aspects of the sex trade is that Nigerian trafficking victims almost never denounce their captors. Most fear deportation, and also the consequences of breaking the juju oath. ‘I hear this juju killed many girls,’ Blessing told me. ‘This spell is effective.” The New Yorker’s Ben Taub on a less talked-about migration story. The Desperate Journey of a Trafficked Girl.

+ “If I killed someone on the street in broad daylight, I‘d be entitled to an attorney. But those summoned before the immigration courts, including infants who have been brought here by their parents, have no right to counsel. They can hire immigration lawyers, but only if they can pay for them.” From Dan Canon in Slate: I tried to represent an undocumented man rounded up by ICE. I couldn’t even find him.

+ There’s been an increase in media coverage and in the level of fear in many communities, but have deportation numbers spiked since Trump took office? Here are some numbers that might surprise you: “According to figures Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Ice) supplied to the Guardian: 35,604 removals in January and February, versus 35,255 over the same period last year.”

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