“In the next decade, will public discourse online become more or less shaped by bad actors, harassment, trolls, and an overall tone of griping, distrust, and disgust?” That was the question Pew put to 1,537 tech experts, academics, and government leaders. The short answer: The internet is a swamp and the trolls have won.

+ “An icon that came to represent Twitter’s dark side is giving way to one designed not to turn anyone off, without looking like something you’d want to stick with.” FastCo takes you inside Twitter’s obsessive quest to ditch the egg. (Call me a skeptic, but I’m guessing this move won’t do the trick…)

+ “White nationalist and supremacist groups have become an increasingly visible presence on college campuses, using fliers, posters, and e-mails in an effort to recruit new blood.” From the Boston Globe: White nationalists are now recruiting at college campuses.