“Many consumers, especially households with limited incomes, appreciate receiving relevant advertising that is keyed to their interests and provides them with discounts on the products and services they use.” Why would groups urge Congressional efforts to roll back consumer privacy protections in the name of adding more dollars to your broadband provider’s bottom line. You know why. But sometimes it’s even worse than you think. From The Intercept: Comcast-Funded Civil Rights Groups Claim Low-Income People Prefer Ads Over Privacy.

+ I get why broadband providers wanted to be able to collect and sell your personal info. And thanks to the article above, we know why groups on the broadband payroll would step in line. But I don’t get why voters aren’t up in arms. If you don’t own shares in any broadband companies, how can you support elected officials who make it easier for Internet providers to sell your personal data without your permission? From Me: Seriously, How Can You Be For This?