“We just need to restore tissue suppleness, replace cells that have stopped dividing and remove those that have grown toxic, avert the consequences of DNA mutations, and mop up the gunky by-products of all of the above. If we can disarm these killers … we should gain thirty years of healthy life, and during that period we’ll make enough further advances that we’ll begin growing biologically younger. We’ll achieve longevity escape velocity.” The New Yorker’s Tad Friend gets the lowdown on a remarkably common topic of conversation (and research) among many in the tech community: Can billions of dollars’ worth of high-tech research succeed in making death optional? This is Silicon Valley’s Quest To Live Forever. Hey, we solved photo sharing and figured out a way to enable your weird acquaintance from junior high to comment on every picture of your kids that you post to Facebook. So we ought to be able to solve this.

+ “Few smoke, nearly all of the men are lean, and centenarians have high levels of the ‘good cholesterol.’ Studies show that whatever their stress level, they manage its well.” From Newshour: Want to live past 100? These centenarians share their secrets.

+ According to the NYT, a positive outlook may be good for your health. (I wonder if it counts that I view the glass as half full … with fake news.)

+ This seems like the perfect moment to listen back to Irene Cara’s 1980 hit: I’m gonna live forever. (Let’s see your fancy news algorithm do that…)