What to Stream: I saw a couple great acts last week at SXSW. I’ve been telling you about Rag N’ Bone Man’s must-listen album. And his live performance lived up to expectations. Seriously, do yourself a favor and stream his album Human right now. NOLA’s Benjamin Booker killed it in a late night show. He’s excellent. Start with Violent Shiver and then try Witness, the first track from his new album due in June.

+ What to Watch: A kid in 80s Dublin decides to form a band to win over a girl. What’s not to like? You’ll love Sing Street (especially the kid’s older brother).

+ What to Doc: An interesting look at what technology can and can’t do to slow the pace of gun deaths. Who Killed the Smart Gun?

+ What to Wire: Need a break from all the political news? How about a two and-a-half hour supercut of scenes from The Wire that feature Omar?