“As unquestioned ideological precepts go, it’s enormously effective. You learn it, you internalize it, and never really think of it again until you have kids of your own. And then you say it once more, repeating your parents’ words, and theirs, in an unbroken tradition going back God knows how many millennia. No, honey, never look directly into the sun.” From Sam Kriss in The Outline: What happens when you stare at the sun? (As an experiment, you can just stare at cable news for a few hours.)

+ Tom Amberry has died at the age of 94. His patients knew him as a podiatrist. The rest of us knew him as a guy who made a record 2,750 consecutive free throws.

+ It’s fun to have a personalized license plate with your last name on it. It gets complicated when your last name is Grabher.

+ Flash is so irritating that FedEx will give you five bucks to reinstall it.