Most members of GOP’s political surgery unit agreed that they needed to remove the Obama from Obamacare. But the best way to perform that surgery has been a serious point of contention. As the clock ticks towards a deadline, the American Health Care Act will need some serious zaps from the resuscitation paddles to survive the week. From WaPo: Health bill passage in doubt after hardliners rebuff White House offer. And by Thursday afternoon, the health bill vote had been officially delayed.

+ What’s interesting about the health plan being pushed by the Trump/Ryan alliance is that it’s quite unpopular among voters. And that’s especially true when it comes to Trump’s base. I’m no doctor, but I’d argue that the longterm prognosis for Trump is a lot better if this bill doesn’t pass.

+ This could be part of the reason for the lack of public support: If you’re a millionaire, the AHCA gives you $50K. If you’re poor, it costs you $1,420.