“Something strange happens when NBA teams play on the road these days, a trend line that baffles statheads. In the 1987-88 season, home teams won an astounding 67.9 percent of games, boasting an average win margin of 5.8 points, the highest on record. The advantage was so profound that home teams, on average, played at the level of a 55-win team. Then, in less than a decade, the home-court advantage gap was sliced in half.” What happened? Well, in short, Tinder happened. Technology has enabled NBA players to have sex without the need to spend hours partying at a club first. (Working title of the study: Lays Up.) As one former player explained: “It’s absolutely true that you get at least two hours more sleep getting laid on the road today versus 15 years ago.” ESPN takes you inside the Tinderization of today’s NBA. (If my math is right, Tinder could have saved me about 8 years in high school…)

+ Let’s not let the relentless pace of political news distract us from the fact that I just won the shit out of national puppy day. If you must, here are some of the other contenders.