It has been a tough few weeks for Uber and Travis Kalanick. A viral video showed him arguing with a driver, reports of sexual harassment have been widely covered, and the company got caught trying to use fake versions of its app to fool government officials. “But none of these scandals has the potential financial impact of the one Uber has said the least about: a lawsuit from Alphabet Inc — the parent of Google and Google’s self-driving car division, now called Waymo — over driverless cars. Waymo says Uber is in possession of, and is basing the future of its business on, technology that was stolen by a former employee.” The self-driving car story is so ubiquitous that by the time the tech really arrives, most of us will already be more sick of not driving than we are of driving now. Among tech and auto companies, the race for dominance is a bloodsport. From Bloomberg: Fury Road.

+ Susan Wojcicki, the C.E.O. of YouTube, on how to break up Silicon Valley’s boy’s club.