“No, that’s above my pay grade” … “No comment” … “I don’t know anything about it.” Those were some of the responses reporters got when they asked administration officials what they thought of the president’s claim that his predecessor wiretapped Trump Tower. Yet, by all accounts, Trump is sticking by the claim and the issue is being kicked to Congress for an investigation.

+ Was he irked, exasperated, or livid? However it was described by various news outlets, President Obama was not pleased with the accusation. And the two men have not spoken since Inauguration Day.

+ “As U.S. candymakers descended on South Florida for their industry conference this week, they were scheduled to plot lobbying strategy in the ‘Ivanka Trump ballroom.’ A dessert networking event was planned for the ‘Donald J. Trump grand patio.’ Between meetings, attendees were eligible to enjoy outings on a Trump-owned golf course and massages at a Trump spa.” From WaPo: Big Candy is lobbying the Trump administration. It’s also holding events at Trump hotels. (He even branded the patio…)