Lady in Red

“Being out here for even five minutes is empowering. It’s self-care.” Women across the world are striking from work, marching in the streets, wearing red, and blanketing social media with issues related to women’s rights. Buzzfeed is providing live updates from several events. Some of the day’s most striking images include The Fearless Girl, a statue by Kristen Visbal, placed opposite the Wall Street bull; and a Cleveland bookstore that is displaying all books by men backwards. Here are some more photos from around the world, courtesy of The Guardian.

+ “I’m exhausted from navigating daily discrimination, overt and subtle. I’ll be striking from: My job, fake smiles, apologetic speech.” Some women are even striking from smiling.

+ “What’s it going to take to get to a 5050 world — not just politics and board rooms, but truly shifting the gender balance to be better for everyone.” It’s good day to watch Tiffany Shlain’s short film, 5050.

+ “The thing about watching 9 to 5 today is that you realize the American workplace of 2015 is nowhere near as progressive as Miss Doralee Rhodes and company were way back in 1980.” Looking back at the movie 9 to 5 which hit the screens more than 36 years ago, and still packs a pretty timely punch.

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