In case there was any doubt, President Trump firmly cemented his position as the editor in chief of fake news over the weekend when he pulled another diversionary rabbit out of his tin foil hat. Trump added another chapter to his fictionalized biography of Barack Obama and accused the former president of wiretapping Trump Tower. Here’s the NYT on a conspiracy theory’s journey from talk radio to Trump’s Twitter.

+ “A White House official told The Post that the president was in a brighter mood on Sunday morning than he was on Saturday because he was pleased that his allegations against Obama were the dominant story on cable and led the newspapers.” In a very good overview (including important mentions of Roy Cohn’s influence), WaPo explains how using the same old strategy might backfire this time. (Here’s my simple rule for drug lords and fake news merchants: Don’t get high off your own supply.)

+ The New Yorker: What to make of Donald Trump’s early-morning wiretap Tweets.

+ WaPo: The president rages at leaks, setbacks and accusations.