President Trump’s speech to a joint session of Congress seemed to surprise supporters and critics alike — at least in terms of tone, if not substance. (Perhaps the past 6 weeks have been a masterstroke of bar-lowering genius…) Ultimately, I am rooting for America. So the fact that Trump seemed more, well, normal than usual seems like good news. The NYT’s Glenn Thrush with 5 key takeaways from the speech: “In President Trump’s world, boring is disruptive.” (In the world of cable news, boring is breathtaking.)

+ WaPo’s Barton Swaim: “I wonder if Tuesday night’s address was a kind of adumbration of Trump’s presidency — his adversaries deprived of half their reasons for hating him, his allies stupidly wondering what happened to their principles, the nation’s commentators once again explaining why the president succeeded when he was supposed to fail.”

+ In terms of tone, Trump’s line of the night had to be: “The time for trivial fights is behind us.” (As far as I can tell, the appropriate time for trivial fights is around 3am…)

+ One area where Trump appeared to become much more traditionally political was in the details on changing Obamacare, which sounded more like tweaks than an overhaul. One reason why: Support for Obamacare is at an all time high.

+ “As far as researchers can tell, unauthorized immigrants commit crimes at a lower rate than the American population at large.” The Atlantic on Trump’s Scapegoating of Unauthorized Immigrants.

+ “By finally enforcing our immigration laws we will raise wages, help the unemployed, save billions and billions of dollars and make our communities safer for everyone.” Not everything about Trump’s speech veered from the norm: So, let’s fact check.

+ The most talked about moment of the night was Trump’s tribute to the widow of fallen Seal Ryan Owens. Here’s the backstory.

+ Trump touted his job creation prowess. Well, at least two extremely high-paying jobs have been created during his presidency. Barack and Michelle Obama just landed a $65 million book deal.