“Automation is obviating more and more jobs. In the years to come, we’ll need new forms of employment. Let’s crystal-ball this: Will there be a new way for the working class of the future to earn a paycheck? Sure. Playing videogames.” From Clive Thompson: Face It, Meatsack: Pro Gamer Will Be the Only Job Left.

+ You know that idea that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something? Well, America is gonna have a lot of videogame experts. “More than 40 percent of Americans play at least three hours a week, 34 million play on average 22 hours each week, 5 million hit 40 hours, and the average young American will now spend as many hours (roughly 10,000) playing by the time he or she turns 21 as that person spent in middle- and high-school classrooms combined.” Games are distracting us. They’re filling hours when we might be studying or working. And it turns out they might be doing something else: Making us happier. From NY Mag: Why Ever Stop Playing Video Games?