Here’s one area where America is certain to see job growth: Immigration and customs agents. From the NYT: The new Trump deportation rules allow fo far more expulsions: “The change in enforcement priorities will require a considerable increase in resources. With an estimated 11 million people in the country illegally, the government has long had to set narrower priorities, given the constraints on staffing and money.”

+ “After a lot of persistence, effort and patience, a pro-immigrant ethos has gradually taken root here.” From NPR: A thriving rural town’s winning formula faces new threats. (It turns out we’re not in Kansas anymore. And in some ways, neither is Kansas.)

+ Overall, do immigrants really contribute to a rise in crime? Definitely not before they get assimilated. From Pew: Crime rises among second-generation immigrants as they assimilate.

+ “Among the 1.3 million people who sought asylum in Europe in 2015 were nearly a hundred thousand unaccompanied children. Most were from Afghanistan and Syria. Thirteen per cent were younger than fourteen years old.” This is just one more reminder that America does not have a refugee crisis. Refugees have a refugee crisis. From The New Yorker: At an age when most kids need supervision to do their homework, hundreds of thousands of minors are crossing continents alone.