“The political barriers that Netanyahu faced two years ago are gone. He and Trump are now free to renounce the Iran nuclear deal, and thus, by Netanyahu’s logic, prevent a second Shoah. Or, failing that, Netanyahu could take matters into his own hands and bomb Iran’s nuclear sites himself, secure in the knowledge that Trump is less likely than Obama to object. Yet none of that is happening.” Peter Beinart argues that Bibi Played Us On The Iran Deal — And We Let Him.

+ “One curiosity of the Trump–Netanyahu press conference — their first meeting since Trump became president — was that it took place just after the Israeli leader’s car pulled up to the White House driveway, before any meeting between the two men. Usually, these sorts of press conferences take place after a meeting, so the two heads of state can say what they talked about. But really the two had nothing to discuss at this point.” Fred Kaplan on why few of the parties in the Middle East want to talk about a peace process right now.