Dear Google Boss, when I am bigger I would like a job with Google.” A seven year-old girl from the UK lays the foundation for a top role at Google. (I know that seems young, but out here in the Bay Area, most 7 year-olds are already on their second or third startup.)

+ Earlier this week, a co-ed CYO team had been forced to forfeit the rest of its games because the boys wouldn’t let the girls be kicked off their team. The decision has been reversed and the team is back in action.

+ Nothing lasts forever. And the Monopoly thimble is on the way out. (It should be replaced by a hand gripping a cellphone.)

+ Canadian tennis star Eugenie Bouchard lost a Super Bowl bet with some guy on Twitter. So she had to go on a date with him. And there might be a second date. (This could make for the greatest wedding toast anecdote of all time…)

+ And food for thought to end this edition: Senator Kid Rock.