Bottom of the News

Amazon is touching every part of your digital life, from its cloud services to its retail products. And now it wants to get even more intimate. Amazon is getting into the underwear business. (“Alexa, does it sound like I’m chafing?”)

+ CNN: Chemicals for one billion ecstasy pills seized in the Netherlands. When asked how they felt about the bust, law enforcement officials said, “Oh my god, it feels so damn good” (and then repeated some variation of that message until members of the media ran out of disk space on their voice recorders.)

+ In Alaska, two moose decided to duke it out right in the middle of someone’s driveway. (And now my kids want a moose…)

+ And science attempted to discover what makes for the hottest dance moves. (This is obviously a subversive effort to get the president to be more interested in science.)

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