The New Yorker’s Evan Osnos with a very interesting look at what a Trump presidency might look like.”After more than a year of candidate Trump, Americans are almost desensitized to each new failing exhumed from his past—the losing schemes and cheapskate cruelties, the discrimination and misogyny—much as they are to the daily indecencies of the present: the malice toward a grieving mother, the hidden tax records, the birther fiction and other lies. But where, in all that, is much talk of the future? By mid-September, Trump was in the final sprint of his campaign, having narrowed the gap behind Clinton in the popular vote from nine points, in August, to reach a virtual tie. His victory is no longer the stuff of dark comedy or fan fiction. It is fair to ask: What would he actually be like as a President?”

+ “We are 50 days away from the end of this election. That’s only 3 more Valium prescriptions. Hang on.” Here are a few thoughts from me on How to Survive Fifty More Days of Winning.