“When the air was quiet, Honey Bear said, ‘In case it’s not obvious yet, people, this is not a summer-camp-themed festival. This is f–king summer camp!'” In GQ, Rosecrans Baldwin takes you with him to camp midlife crisis. (Sadly, I’m too busy finishing my adult coloring book to attend.)

+ You’re doing the radio call of an NFL game when a fan runs on the field. What do you do? You call the action.

+ “One thing a package does is transform a commodity into an idea, or a bundle of desires. This one is a paradox. We want the bacon to be meaty on the one hand, and fatty on the other. It’s an ambivalent package.” Bloomberg takes the unusual step of using the words ambivalent and bacon in the same paragraph in order to explain the (pretty damn interesting) story of bacon packaging.

+ They could have chosen anything to protest. And they chose Ryan Lochte’s performance on Dancing with the Stars.