“Gun to my head, I would probably vote Trump because of my feelings about Hillary, and my — I just want to see what happens. But if I were to talk to you tomorrow, I’d be like, “Ugh! I’ve gotta vote for Hillary!” Yes, while it’s hard to believe, America’s most sought after voters even exist in this especially divisive election season. GQ takes you inside the mind of the undecided voter. (Come on in. There’s plenty of room.)

+ And as you may have heard a few thousand times, Hillary Clinton has pneumonia and will take it easy for a few days after a fainting scare in NYC on Sunday. (I don’t know how she lasted this long. This campaign made most of us sick a long time ago.)

+ WaPo: The secret history of presidential disease, sickness and deception. Maybe this helps explain why some people are sure that Hillary is using a body double?