“Johnson’s inability to locate Aleppo, where men, women, and children are being eradicated every day, most recently by chlorine-gas attacks, was pathetic, the equivalent of a candidate for President in 1964 being unable to summon the location of Hanoi or Saigon.” David Remnick on Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson who asked this question during an interview: “And what is Aleppo?” (In fairness, most Americans don’t know what a Gary Johnson is either.)

+ InFocus has a photo essay for those who need a refresher: What is Aleppo? This is Aleppo.

+ Gary Johnson’s spotlight-grabbing lack of knowledge was good news for Matt Lauer who was taking a ton of heat for what many of his colleagues saw as a poor performance during an NBC forum with Clinton and Trump. (You expected Matt Lauer to get tough with Donald Trump? He couldn’t even get the truth out of Ryan Lochte.)