“My goats are all very social and friendly so they graze and sit and lie down next to everyone.” Which makes them the perfect companions for Goat Yoga. (Is this really any more ridiculous than any other exercise or nutrition trend?)

+ Today’s reason why you there’s nothing you can believe in: Bob Ross’s Hair Was Actually Straight.

+ GQ: An Oral History of ‘We Built This City,’ the Worst Song of All Time. Warning: This page has autoplay enabled and I can’t see a way to make it stop. (Full disclosure: I don’t really mind the song.)

+ A nice story about a small gesture by a college athlete that made a big difference for an autistic boy.

+ I told my eight year-old daughter that if she woke up and got ready for school without complaining, the karmic gods would reward her. And it only took two days: American Girl Dolls Will Soon Be Available At Toys ‘R’ Us Stores.