“The Bradways fled California, a state they said is run by ‘leftists and non-Constitutionalists and anti-freedom people,’ and settled on several wooded acres of north Idaho five years ago. They live among like-minded conservative neighbors, host Monday night Bible study around their fire pit, hike in the mountains and fish from their boat. They melt lead to make their own bullets for sport shooting and hunting — or to defend themselves against marauders in a world-ending cataclysm.” WaPo’s Kevin Sullivan heads to a place known as American Redoubt to visit with a group of (“not paranoid”) survivalists who are among the nation’s most extreme Preppers, living in a perpetual state of readiness for the day it inevitably hits the fan. One member of the group explains the location: “Imagine a societal collapse and trying to buy a loaf of bread in Los Angeles or New York and stores are closed down.” (Apparently, these folks unaware of the anti-carb movement. The lines in LA and NY will be for chia seeds, Kombucha, and bone broth.)

+ Maybe the final confrontation is coming sooner than we think. A team of scientists is investigating signals picked up by SETI that “point to the possibility of a civilization far more advanced than our own.” We better send back a message quick before Anthony Weiner sends them a dick pic.