After facing a ton of criticism in the news and on social media, Mylan is cutting the cost of EpiPens. But not by that much.

+ A pharma company heavily marketing and then hiking the price of a top-selling medicine is hardly a man bites dog story. So why are we hearing so much about this example? The NYT’s Tara Parker-Pope explains how parents harnessed the power of social media to challenge EpiPen prices. (If these parents can use technology this well, the ones I interact with can definitely stop hitting reply-all on school related emails!)

+ We’ve seen how scandals and social media pressure can drive a sponsor to drop a celebrity from its roster. It turns out the reverse can happen too. Sarah Jessica Parker just dumped Mylan.

+ Nature: A non-profit organization is proving that new drugs don’t have to cost a fortune. Can its model work more broadly?