“The Olympics are typically a time for the world to come together despite religious or political differences.” Sadly, Egypt’s Islam El Shehaby who lost a judo competition to Israel’s Or Sasson didn’t get the memo.

+ “Simone is competing for the U.S., and we’re not taking any credit away from that. But the fact that she has dual citizenship, I don’t see why we cannot celebrate her second country also.” NYT: Simone Biles Soars, Lifting Another Country With Her.

+ Who is Leonidas of Rhodes? (Michael Phelps just broke his 2,168 year-old record. In your face, Leonidas!) Plus, 14 facts about Phelps.

+ Simone Manuel became the first black woman to win a swimming event for the US. And that moment made for a pretty great photo op.

+ Fiji has a population of 900,000. And a gold medal.

+ Another great collection of photos from InFocus.