“Few athletes do it for money. Still, they need ungodly amounts of it to succeed, and lots of times, it never returns.” From Wired: It’s really hard to make money as an Olympian.

+ “Fifty percent of track athletes who rank in the top 10 in the U.S. in their event earn less than $15,000 annually from the sport.” They work hard. They often lose money. And they miss out on years during which they might be building up their earning potential. From The Conversation: How do Olympic athletes pay the electric bill?

+ Swimmer Lilly King has made some waves with her comments (and gestures) about those who have doped in the past. And now that list includes her USA teammate Justin Gatlin.

+ BBC: North and South Korean gymnasts pose for Olympic selfie.

+ “The world’s best athletes are on display, but don’t tell the dudes watching League of Legends on Twitch.” Peter Kafka in ReCode: Online Olympic video streaming is big, but not as big as eSports.

+ Here are some excellent photos from the first few days of the games. Of course, the photo of the Olympics so far has got to be the Phace.