NBC has suffered some pretty weak viewership ratings so far, but my family is about 50 hours into our Olympics watching binge. It’s ironic that for every American not in the Olympics, these are the most sedentary weeks of our lives. So far, we’ve learned that Simone Biles and crew have surpassed their own reputations, Katie Ledecky is remarkable, and Michael Phelps won another gold medal (all of which East Coast viewers knew three hours earlier than West Coast viewers even though, well, Internet.)

+ That giant sucking sound you hear is the cupping fad that has spread among competing swim teams. It also explains those big red circles on everyone. (To be safe, let’s keep the air rifle competitors away from the aquatics stadium.)

+ Deadspin: What Is everyone trying to tell us about Katinka HosszĂș and her hot-tempered coach-husband?

+ Here’s a video that will explain gymnastics scoring. (My therapist has recommended that I take Xanax or watch less Balance Beam.)

+ As per usual, the Olympics sites that would never be ready on time seem to be holding up OK. But there’s no doubt that it’s been a tough few years for Brazil. Franklin Foer went to Rio to find out if Brazil can be saved.