What to Festival: It looks like it’s gonna be a foggy opening to the Outside Lands music festival in San Francisco. That’s one more reason to stream it from home. AOL (yes. AOL) is doing the honors this year. (Some artists are balking at free streams of their live shows, so not everyone will be shown, but definitely enough to fill in the slow spots in the Olympics coverage.)

+ What to Doc: Last Chance U is a six-part Netflix series that chronicles a season (that turns out to be quite controversial) for one of the best teams in junior college football. It’s the off the field stuff that you’ll remember.

+ What to Read: ProPublica and The Atlantic take a look at today’s most talked-about voting block: “Poor white Americans’ current crisis shouldn’t have caught the rest of the country as off guard as it has.” The Original Underclass. Also, from the always excellent California Sunday Magazine: The Ballad of Rocky Rontal. How do we forgive the unforgivable?

+ What to Dave: “If you’re a journalist, creating a false equivalency among people or events that are wildly different is not being unbiased. It’s sucking at your job.” In response to some reader feedback (and a broader discussion), I wrote: I Think, Therefore I Am (Biased). Also, I gave Clint Eastwood a piece of my mind (from a safe distance of course): “While political correctness is bad, if you stand up to overt racism, prejudice, misogyny, or xenophobic nationalism, you’re not a pussy. You’re an American.” Talking Dirt With Dirty Harry. (Yes, I just linked to two of my own pieces in Weekend Whats. Being the Internet’s managing editor has its perks.)