“USA Gymnastics would not disclose the total number of sexual misconduct allegations it receives each year. But records show the organization compiled complaint dossiers on more than 50 coaches and filed them in a drawer in its executive office in Indianapolis.” The Indy Star with an upsetting report on how an organization charged with watching out for kids turned blind eye to sex abuse.

+ “From a microbiological point of view, this water is comparable to raw sewage.” Gizmodo: How Olympians can survive swimming in sewage. (They should train in web comments sections.)

+ “Items in the first quadrant are very watchable, but categorically uncool, like any and all funny cat videos you might find on YouTube.” The Ringer takes a crack at building a 2016 Olympics watchability matrix. I’m so sick of political coverage, I’ll watch any sport and enjoy it. This year, watching the balance beam competition is going to seem relaxing.

+ Athletes, fans, and the media breathe a sigh of relief as Pokémon Go makes it to Brazil just in time for the games.